“Cannabis should be placed in the same bracket as basil, sage or rosemary,” It is points of views like these from high profile established chef’s [Jessica Catalano] and restaurateurs with a keen interest in gourmet ganja that has seen cannabis not only infused into people’s daily life’s through traditional oils powders and tinctures but also through tantalizing and delicious culinary experiences, as full spectrum as their choice of “edible flower”



In recent years high street health and wellness stores, café’s, bakeries and of course suppliers, have seen a tremendous increase in foot-traffic and support for cannabis infused products (and uses), made popular by trending cannabis inspired culinary/cooking shows, and clearly visible through chart topping cannabis related book sales figures. And that is not including a basic internet search that will provide endless recipes and DIY tutorials on edibles. This combined with the Cannabis Trade Association estimating, almost double the amount (250,000) of CBD users as compared to previous figures, showing a huge interest in non-psychoactive medicinal cannabis (cannabidiol) and in many cases preferring ingestion (cannabutter, infused oils, edibles) as their means of delivery, compared to inhalation (smoking, dabbing, vaping).



The scientifically designed Magicalbutter machine is a multipurpose cooker and Botanical Extractor, that effortlessly and accurately agitates and infuses your flower, herbs, butter and/oils. No tedious time wasting labour (2hours of stirring and temperature regulation), eliminating any variables that may influence your final buttery goodness product. Encoded with a microprocessor-controlled cooking program sequence, digital thermostat, a immersion blender and bright LED lights to indicate the machine’s operating status as well as a self-cleaning function. Trippy and Functional, these guys thought of Everything! Tasty, healthy, home-made Herbal Butters, Infusions and Tinctures are truly as easy as 1 – Add your ingredients 2 – Select your Heat and Time setting 3 – Decant and Enjoy!



Edibles can range from eezie peezie butter biscuits, to decadent desserts and well…just about anything you can think of to manage your munchies, or as it turns out, get your daily dose of natural CBD/THC without the ‘natural green’ taste, associated with these extracted oils, by infusing your favorite flavor botanicals (be it Purple, Hazy, Rosemary, Fennel or whatever floats your canna lemon) with base oils or butter. Pefect for nervous newbies dabbling in canna cuisine and a bound to become a indispensable kitchen gadget for the swankiest chef’s. The MagicButter machine is no magic trick, just sheer marvelous engineering that simplifies your life and delivers optimum results.

Many people shy away from making cannabis infused edibles due to sheer intimidation, hassle and effort required. The solution? A sleek elegant accessorized, automated, professional “plug in canna chef” in your kitchen. The PURIFYFILTER bag can be turned inside out for cleaning and is sturdy enough to ‘hold up’ while you pour your infused product wearing your dishwasher safe, silicone LOVEGLOVE and perusing your COOKBOOK.

The multipurpose Magicalbutter extractor and cooker, saves you time and money. The directions are simple, the process is easy and the product is effective.