The Magical Butter Machine

The Magical Butter MB2 is a complete cannabis extract maker which produces cannabis-infused butter, tinctures, and oils in no time. Furthermore, it heats and churns your usual buds and butter into the ideal base ingredient form marijuana edibles.

The Magical Butter is capable of producing as many as five cups of butter/oil per cycle, in less than no time (1-2hours). The machine is made up of five distinct temperature settings and colorful LED lights which indicates the status. Normally, the Magical Butter has a drenching blender merged with a solid, digital thermostat and a heating unit. Without any labor required from your part, The Magical Butter easily blends, heats, stirs, grinds and steeps the ingredients at correct the temperature and at accurate time intervals to give desired outcomes without any labor from your part.



The magical butter machine resembles an all-aluminum electric tea kettle, a heavyweight plastic lid, an integrated LED indicator ring, and bubble button UI. Lift the lid from the machine to discover the integrated blender motor, stalk, and blade. Beneath the lid, you will also find the unit's heating element which is similar to the design of all the timing and control electronics. From the base of the handle, you will find three prong plug extensions.

The control panel found on the contains 5 different programming options for users: a 1-hour cycle for producing oil such as cooking oil, a 2-hour cycle for producing cannabutter, a 4-hour cycle for the extraction of tincture, a general 8-hour timer, and a self-cleaning mode.


How to use it

It is very easy to learn how to use the Magical Butter MB2. However, the most tedious part is completely optional: lecithin is an ingredient that plays the role of an emulsifying agent, which binds the oils and THC closer together and maximizes potency. Nevertheless, it is difficult to find lecithin that is not in pill form. However, it’s not necessary for the procedure— perfect tincture or butter can be produced without using it —but if you can find it then don’t hesitate to get it.

Nevertheless, the system can still function at its best even without lecithin. During the process of producing cannabutter, for instance, you use a certain gram of organic buds and 1 pound of butter, put both of them into the MB2's blending bowl, close the lid, and push the Make Butter button. The machine will continuously heat, blend, whir, chunk, and then steam for two hours, after that the machine will ding four times. You then open the lid, toss the ingredients through the included and reusable strainer bag into a Tupperware container, and place it in a refrigerator to firm up. After that, you are done! Furthermore, you can also easily make oils and tinctures: all you have to do is toss several nugs, add an extracting agent, and press the right button.

It’s very easy to clean the magical butter machine. All you need to do is throw some water and a dollop of dish soap into the jug, cover the lid on and push the clean button. When the cycle completes, simply rinse out the jug and that’s all.


Where to buy it

If you are a nonsmoker who likes to consume THC, then you have no choice but to ingest it. Moreover, if you lack money to buy Marijuana-infused cookies at the dispensary, then you should definitely purchase the magical butter machine at the magical butter store for a retail price of $175.

It’s advisable to buy directly from the Magical Butter store rather than buying it from other retail outlets such as Amazon, eBay, and others since the manufacturer won’t respect their warranty unless you buy it directly from them.